School Fees Policy

  1. We fully understand and accept that the fees are required to be paid on or before our  child  joins Jawahar Vidyalaya High School and thereafter each year before the commencement of the Academic Year, or as and when demanded before the intimated due date and that the fee once paid, shall not be refunded in any case whatsoever. We also understand that while school management may at its sole discretion, permit or grant the facility to pay the fees in one or more installments, the same does not in any manner vest any right in the parents to demand for making payment of fees by way of  installments. We are aware and agree that the  management has granted parents / guardians to pay the fees in installments and are payable  every month on or before due date i.e. 15th day of every month.However same facility can be  revoked by the management without  any notice and general practice for collection of fees shall be executed for which we shall have no  objection with this regards whatsoever now or in future  till my ward is studying in the school.
  1. We hereby agree, confirm and accept that the fees being charged by Jawahar Vidyalaya High School is/are at their discretion and understand and irrevocably accept, that the Jawahar Vidyalaya High School Management has right to increase/revise the fees each year without any prior notice and  for which increase in fees, and/or change in fee structure, as may be required from time to time in view of change in government policies and/or the economic conditions(including, but not limited to, inflation etc..) and we will not object to, or file anycomplaint or grievance before any authority and hereby give our unconditional and irrevocable consent for the same.
  1. We are aware and agree that , In case of cheque(s) dishonored , the payment will have to be remade separately by cash immediately with a surcharge of Rs.500/-  with each cheque(s) dishonored and late payment fees shall be charged separately in case payment is received after due date.
  1. We agree that the school fees must be paid by cash or Ac/pay cheque(s) or pay order only in favour of Jawahar Vidyalaya.
  1. We understand and accept that our children may be expelled or removed from Jawahar Vidyalaya High School for nonpayment of Fees/dues.No student whose fees remain unpaid in full or in part will not be allowed to sit for the School / Board examination or participate in any of its activities. No internal,Examination result, reports , transfer certificates, leaving certificates , Bonafide certificate. or recommendations to future schools / colleges will be issued to such students or parents.  Leaving certificate will be issued only after full and complete payment of outstanding dues for the term are made. Application for withdrawal must be submitted atleast one month prior to the end of the term or commencement of admission All unpaid fees must be paid.
  1. We will deposit the school fees on or before the prescribed date. In case of  noncompliance, at the end of 30 days, the name of the student will be struck from the register without any Notice to Parent / Guardian (Applicable for selected standards).
  1. School fees must strictly paid at clerk office /cashier counter of the school only and copy of the receipt must be obtained and preserved for future reference.
  1. Any statutory  taxes, if made applicable and/or if increased and/or for any  facility provided by the institute, shall have to be borne and shall  have to be paid by parents from time to time.
  1. If the fee not paid on or before the stipulated last date a late fee will be charged @Rs.100/- per week . Irrelevant to the day of the week after due date the payment is made.
  1. Admission fee once paid to the institute will not be refunded / non -transferable/non – adjustable /non – refundable whatsoever under any circumstances or for any reason whatsoever, including where a student withdraws admission or communicates his/her intension not to attend the institute at any time before scheduled commencement of year or where after joining the institute, a student withdraws admission or leaves the institute before the end of that year.
  1. The entire school fees can be paid in advance for full year.
  2. Where two children or more of one parent studying in the school and fee(s) of any one child or more is due. The school authority will not allow  children of such parent to sit in the class till all the due fee(s) of all the child are cleared and L.C will not be issued for all the children including absentee and fee defaulters.
  3. Caution Money Deposit (CMD) : The parents are required to pay CMD. amount for their each ward studying in the school. This amount is 100% refundable once the student passes 10th STD or Applies for Leaving Certificate. This amount shall be 100% refunded  except under following circumstances :-
  1. a) Default in School Fees
  2. b) Damage to School Property
  3. c) Withdraw of admission not taken as per rules of the school.
  4. d) Original Receipt is not submitted back or is lost.

PS Note :  No interest will be paid on CMD Amount to the parent. The management reserves the right to block or utilize this amount till entire fees is due from the parent.

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