Communication Tree

* Kindly check the notice board for Designated person

* Please note Parents / Guardian can meet during visiting hours only.

What is a Communication tree?

At any given point of time if any parents/ guardian /students studying in the school need help / assistance /or wants to request / complainant can know whom to contact with the help of communication tree.

What does Communication tree contains?

Communication tree contains list of designated staff to whom primarily parents/ guardian must contact.

If I write to a designated staff as per communication tree for my request/complaint/assistance and I do not get satisfaction reply what should I do?

Under such situation you can  contact one level designated person higher to the  person you have contacted .For example :- If a parent has contacted class teacher and he/ she is not satisfied with the class teacher’s response than he/she must contact supervisor/ H.M incharge  and so on (strictly in written only)

If there are some designation in the communication tree where the designated staff is not appointed till date than what shall I do?

You can contact the staff who is one level higher to the designated staff not appointed.

To know the name of the designated officers check  the notice board near Trustee Office.