Jvains Code of Conduct

An important part of your education is the formation of a good character; good manners are the outward expression of a sound character. Good manners embrace all the spheres of a person’s life, the home ,the school, the community and the nation. The following code of conduct is a help towards the formation of sound and well balanced character.

At School

Your school is as much yours as is your home. Your school therefore has a claim over your loyalty and devotion.Always bear in mind and live up to your school motto Loyalty through service. Your school expects you to be an honest, hard working and upright person. Be prompt and diligent in your studies. Cultivate a love for knowledg. Develop sound and methodical study habits.

Be kind, polite and respectful in your dealings with your masters and teachers. Take good care of your school premises. Do not carelessly throw paper on the floor, drop ink in the desks or scribble on the walls. Never let your school by your misconduct. Give a good account of yourself wherever you go.

Towards Your Companions

Always be polite in your dealings with your companions. Be considerate about the need of others.
Cherish the good name of others as you would cherish yours. Be willing to see the other person’s point of view. Do not make fun of the personal defects of others. Admit that you do not have all the answers to all the problems of the world. Never laugh at the social customs, religious beliefs and observances of others. Be slow to anger and to give offence. Should you hurt someone, be willing to apologies for your offence. Forgive others as God forgives you. Express a kind word of thanks for any service rendered to you. Never keep for yourself what belongs to others. In short, do unto others as you would expect others to do unto you.

Towards Yourself

Pay due attention to your personal cleanliness. Take bath daily. See that your ears, neck, nails and teeth are clean. Personal appearance is also important. Your clothes must be clean, your hair combed and your shoes well polished.

Avoid picking your nose, ears, teeth or hair while in the company of others. Avoid loud coughing, Belching, sniffing, yawning when in the company of others. Use a handkerchief while sneezing’.

Keep your mouth closed habitually. All breathing should be done through the nose. Food is meant to nourish the body. Eat to live. But do not live to eat.

Watch your manner while at table. Do not eat noisily. Stand erect; do not use the wall or any other object to support yourself.

Sit upright; never lean over your desk in a clumsy manner. Do not drag your feet while walking. Walk at a brisk measured pace. Let your manner of speech be gentle. Do not be too loud or Vulgar in your speech.

See that your belongings are kept tidily. Do not scatter your clothes, books, shoes in a haphazard way. Be punctual for you appointment and honour all your commitments.

To sum up always remember that wherever you are, whatever you may be, you carry with you the good name of your family, the dignity of your school and the reputation of your community and Nation. Be sure that you always give a good account of yourself.

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